Top Tier Genetics is a full Sheep/Goat reproductive service provider. Our services are performed by Dr. Brock Kerr of Dodge City Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Kerr is experienced in all areas of livestock reproduction, including the  Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination process utilized at the Dodge City Veterinary Clinic Facilities. Top of the line surgical equipment along with the newest technology and technique are utilized to provide the best service possible to our cliental. All services are set up by appointment through Top Tier Genetics in advance. Additionally, Top Tier Genetics has made a commitment to providing quality genetics to our customers by not only offering stud rams with the most sought after genetics lines in the club lamb industry today, but also mature rams with a proven record of winning in the ring.


Services Provided:

Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination

This procedure can be performed with Semen purchased from Top Tier Genetics, Frozen semen provided by an outside source, or fresh semen collected from a sire provided by the client the day of the procedure

  Top Tier Genetics Stud Ram Semen Sales

Top Tier Genetics has a select offering of quality rams for which semen can be purchased. Semen can be shipped Frozen or Cooled fresh for next day breeding. We also offer a set amount of days for fresh semen AI on each sire at our Dodge City facilities. Look for online semen sales option “coming soon”
  Ram Collection

If you have a stud buck you wish to have collected, we have the ability to collect him for fresh semen artificial insemination at our facility, or fresh cooled and frozen for future breeding.

   Ewe synchronization consultation

Having your ewes correctly synchronized for the Laparoscopic Artificial insemination procedure is every bit as important as having a high quality semen sample. We provide our customers with a detailed procedure to synchronization their ewes. As with any of our services, we are also available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.